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Botched attempt at the Ring of Steall

My brother, his friend Will, and I set off this weekend to try to hike the Ring of Steall; a trail covering 4 Monro’s around Glen Nevis just outside of Fort William. The weather said it was to be clear so we drove up the night before with the intention of camping and getting an early start the next day as the route is supposed to take around 9-12 hours.

Things did not go to plan, Continue reading “Botched attempt at the Ring of Steall”


A slightly unusual calendar photo-shoot

On the run up to Christmas I was asked by a friend if I could help him shoot a calendar for his girlfriend, sounds normal enough. Well, not quite. Apparently my friend and his better half have a running joke about how he eats and they kept joking about getting photos of him filling his mouth with food and he decided a calendar would be perfect for this. As soon as the brief was described to me I was on board, this sounded like fun. Continue reading “A slightly unusual calendar photo-shoot”


Thoughts on What We Know About the E-M5 MkII

The official release of the Olympus OM-D E-M5’s successor is just around the corner and there’s a lot of information flying around the internet already. Here’s what we know so far:

It’s going to be called the Olympus OM-D E-M5II

It will have the same 16MP sensor as the outgoing E-M5. This is a slight disappointment but not all that unexpected; a new sensor is most likely to appear in the next flagship model, which we can expect to take the form of the EM-1’s eventual successor when it arrives. Continue reading “Thoughts on What We Know About the E-M5 MkII”